About Curaçao Export Week

Curacao Export Week is an annual event that promotes and supports the export of goods and services from the Caribbean island of Curacao. It is organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of Curacao, in collaboration with local businesses, industry associations, and other stakeholders. Curacao Export Week aims to showcase the export potential of the island, provide networking opportunities for local exporters, and offer educational workshops and seminars on various topics related to international trade and export.

Curacao, a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, has a diverse economy that includes sectors such as tourism, financial services, port and maritime services and oil-related activities, and international trade.

Exporting goods and services can be an important driver of economic growth for Curacao, as it can help diversify the economy, create jobs, and generate foreign exchange earnings. Curacao Export Week provides a platform for local businesses to connect with international markets, explore new business opportunities, and learn about best practices in exporting. It also helps raise awareness about the island’s export potential and promotes Curacao as a reliable and competitive trading partner in the international arena. Overall, Curacao Export Week is an important event for promoting and boosting the export-oriented sectors of the island’s economy.

Purpose of the Curacao Export Week

The Curaçao Export Week is a platform for showcasing Government and Private Sector initiatives to grow exports and to promote collaboration among businesses. Specifically, the event seeks to:

  • Increase awareness and visibility of the export potential of Curacao

  • Bring together all the key stakeholders in Curacao to inform them about Government’s export development initiatives

  • Provide information to SMEs and the general public on the support mechanisms that are put in place for start-ups and existing enterprises

  • Strengthen and deepen interactions and partnerships among the public and private sector, academia, SMEs, research & development institutions, and communities towards promoting the growth of exports through innovation.

Curaçao Export Week


Promoting Curacao as a viable export destination

The event aims to showcase Curaçao-based businesses' capabilities, products, and services to potential international buyers, investors, and partners.

Facilitating Business-To-Business (B2B) And Business-To-Consumer (B2C) Interactions

The Curaçao Export Week provides a platform for local goods and services exporters to conduct business with potential buyers, importers, and distributors through B2B matchmaking sessions, trade exhibitions, and business networking events.

Providing Export-Related Education And Resources

The Curaçao Export Week typically includes workshops, seminars, and training sessions to share information on various aspects of international trade, such as trade information, export regulations, market entry strategies, export financing, logistics, trends, and marketing and promotion.

Supporting Export-Oriented Businesses

The Curaçao Export Week creates an opportunity for local business suppliers to showcase their services on various trade-related services such as export counseling, market research, export documentation assistance, and access to export financing options.

Fostering Partnerships And Collaborations

The Curaçao Export Week through matchmaking and network events, seminars, and workshops encourages collaboration and partnerships among local businesses and business support organizations such as export promotion agencies, industry associations, and other stakeholders involved in international trade.

Overall, the Curacao Export Week is to stimulate and showcase the export performance of Curacao-based businesses, enhance their competitiveness in international markets, and contribute to the economic growth and development of Curacao. It aims to contribute to the creation of a supportive environment for local exporters, connect them with potential international buyers, provide them with export-related education and resources, and foster partnerships and collaborations to facilitate their success in international trade. So, the event serves as a platform for promoting Curacao’s export sectors, facilitating business opportunities, providing export-related education and resources, and fostering partnerships, all to drive economic growth through increased exports from Curacao to international markets. Thus, the event aims to position Curacao as a competitive player in the global trade arena and promote its economic development through increased international trade.



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